Carter and Haines

What we do

Carter and Haines' office

We source cars, we buy cars and we sell cars to both the public and trade, nationally.

We see a lot of cars daily, but select only a few. We are experts at spotting value, and providing it.

Using technology, research and strong industry relationships we deliver what you need. It's exciting.

Put together, we're passionate - we couldn't do it if we weren't!

No brolly required

The way we buy cars is changing, thanks to the internet. Almost every week a new report is published backing up our own experience that more and more car-buyers are avoiding the hassle of visiting showrooms, listening to sales-people and throwing glossy pamphlets into the bin, choosing instead to research online first (without a brolly!).

We are a hybrid service meeting those needs, for you are a new breed of buyer: one who knows what you want.

We don't want to control your "purchasing journey" - an idea that frightens traditional dealerships - you're doing that yourself already. Of course we are here for you, but only when you need us to be.

And this works out great because both sides save enormous amounts of time. For us, that saving alone means we channel our resources far more effectively than traditional dealerships can, saving you money.

It also means we don't need lots of cars parked on large, expensive forecourts in front of large, expensive panes of glass: more big savings for us, and you too!